Nsenga, also known as Senga, is a Bantu language of Zambia and Mozambique, occupying an area on the plateau that forms the watershed between the Zambezi and Luangwa river systems. The urban form of Nyanja spoken in the Zambian capital Lusaka has many features of Nsenga. There are over 600,000 native speakers in Zambia and Mozambique (2006 – 2010 census)


The translation of the Nsenga Bible in Zambia is being developed for the Nsenga speaking people, Bible Scholars who have had a desire for a deeper understanding of the Scripture texts in Nsenga, the clergy and the Zambian populace in general. The purpose of this translation is to have a Nsenga Bible by the end of 2027. The Nsenga New Testament text was launched on the 14th of July, 2016.