Pray for Us

Prayer is a powerful channel through which all Christians communicate to the Father in Heaven. We are grateful for the constant prayers many Christians have offered on behalf of the Bible Society, we request you to continue praying for us.
In particular pray for the following;
  • Bible Society of Zambia’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations 16th July 2016
  • For the Distribution of the Scriptures throughout the Country
  • Ongoing Translation work and revisions
  • Fund raising activities to provide Holy Scriptures to the less privileged in Society
  • Bible advocacy activities .i.e. FCBH, HIV/AIDS and Literacy Programmes
  • The promotion Activities of the Bible Society
  • Other Bible Societies
As a guide to prayer, the UBS fraternity provides us with an annual prayer booklet, which contains prayer points for the different countries where Bible Societies are established.
To receive a free copy of the Prayer Booklet, contact us on

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